Be the chillest person you know

Kick stress to the curb

For all the ladies in the place with style and grace, when "you-know-what" hits the fan, do you want to be able to handle things with a little more grace? 

In 30 days, build lifestyle habits to help you take on your to-do list with ease and never have another freakout moment again.  

You will learn just how your body and mind work because after all, a ladies gotta know how to handle both in order to conquer the world!

Learn how the gut-brain connection affects your mood, the science behind positive thinking, why a ladies night is just as important as a kale salad, and what being of service does to the brain and body.

Not only are you investing in yourself, you're investing in another. We are offering a 1 for 1 when a purchase of LOZ is made we are gifting the program to a woman need. We work with different organizations focusing on women of domestic abuse and low-income homes.

By investing in this program, you will gain more of the most priceless asset in life - time. By sticking with us for 30 days, you will learn sustainable habits that will increase your productivity, all while making you the chillest person you know. 

This program will only be the beginning of a life that you'll be in complete control of and can craft into whatever masterpiece you want it to be. 

You will be able to help those around you by sharing your newfound knowledge and be an inspiration for others to be unapologetically happy.


Be the chillest person you know

This program is for the busy lady on the go that is making moves in this world.  

We've made this program into bite size chunks that are manageable yet jam packed with valuable information. 

This program is not for anyone that isn't ready to make the commitment to learning how to take care of the body and mind. 



What You'll Get in LOZ

Ditch the strict and complicated dieting and learn how to keep nutrition simple.

Take control of negative thoughts and a racing mind.

Easy breathwork and meditation practices that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Video, audio, and PDFs to help you learn with ease.

A physical journal to track your new habits and progress.

28 plant based recipes and meal prep guide to make things easy as pie.


Alyssa & Hannah provide tons of great info in their program. They help educate people in a fun, easy to understand way so that you can start creating healthy habits that will stick over time and lead to healthier lifestyle choices. Ever since starting this program, I have been feeling so much more balanced and motivated to continue with these habit shifts because A & H have made it so easy to incorporate into my daily life.
Sarah Long Beach, CA
It was fun to get your emails in my inbox each morning! I loved the format of a daily topic and the workbook was an absolute highlight! Each daily topic was easily digested as small pockets of info to think about during the day. You ladies are very talented!
Allison Seattle, WA
I was looking forward to receiving each days e-mail to see what was said. I found the information to be easy to grasp, easy to implement into my daily routine, and most importantly very effective. Unlike some others, I wasn't preached to, I wasn't berated as a failure if I didn't follow the recommendations or slipped up, and I was made to feel that I could actually accomplish the goals. I was very impressed with the quality of the content, and I highly recommend that everybody give the program a chance.
Molly NJ




  • You Made It!
  • Welcome!
  • Overview
  • What's Your Why
  • Goals and Habits
  • Before We Get Started
  • Create A Morning Routine
  • Zen Buddy
  • Quiz #1

Unit 1: Nutrition

  • 1.1 Food and Mood
  • 1.2 80/20 Lifestyle
  • 1.3 Food Journaling
  • 1.4 Macronutrients
  • 1.5 Blood Sugar
  • 1.6 Fat
  • 1.7 Water
  • 1.8 Gut Health
  • 1.9 Gut Brain Connection
  • 1.10 Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • 1.11 Detoxing
  • 1.12 Supplements
  • 1.13 Seven Day Meal Plan and Recipes
  • Quiz #2

Unit 2: Body

  • 2.1 Movement
  • 2.2 Movement for the Brain
  • 2.3 Movement to Bust Through Blocks
  • 2.4 Developing a Movement Routine
  • 2.5 Breathwork
  • 2.6 Breathwork Demo
  • 2.7 How to Control Your Nervous System
  • 2.8 Yoga
  • 2.9 Yoga Moves
  • Quiz #3

Unit 3: Mind

  • 3.1 Mindfulness
  • 3.2 Mindfulness Practice
  • 3.3 Meditation for the Brain
  • 3.4 Developing A Meditation Practice
  • 3.5 How Thoughts Change Your Brain
  • 3.6 What Gratitude Does to You Physically
  • 3.7 Making Gratitude A Habit
  • 3.8 Developing More Positivity
  • Quiz #4

Unit 4: Lifestyle

  • 4.1 Your Environment
  • 4.2 Design Your Environment
  • 4.3 Environmental Toxins
  • 4.4 Toxic People
  • 4.5 Sleep
  • 4.6 Guide To A Better Night's Sleep
  • 4.7 Foods For Better Sleep
  • 4.8 Importance of Human Connection
  • 4.9 Self-Care
  • 4.10 Who Do you Surround Yourself With?
  • 4.11 Show Up in the World with Grace
  • 4.12 Fill Me Up
  • 4.13 Do What You Love
  • 4.14 Live In Abundance
  • 4.15 Focus on What You Are Good At
  • 4.16 Giving Back
  • Quiz #5

That's A Wrap!

  • You Did It!
  • Thank You!!

Meet Your Coaches

Alyssa Glaser &  Hannah Holladay

Alyssa Glaser & Hannah Holladay

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches

Hannah and Alyssa are passionate about making people feel their very best and spreading health amongst the masses. They are on a mission to create a happier world one thought, one breath, and one bite at a time. We believe each of us has the power to live our happiest and healthiest lives. We want to empower you to craft your chillest life so that you can inspire others to do the same. We are all about community and would love for you to join ours.


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